Here at Fleet Fox Studios, we like to keep things in the family. Forming tight nit-relationships with creators and clients has always been key in order to deliver that individual touch in a media landscape that too often is cold and anonymous.

DD Invest, in charge of our agency’s marketing and social media, is all about the personal approach. For decades, DD Invest has been on an amazing journey, building brands using social media and events while forming strong relationships with influencers, both live and through the highly followed Instagram-account Influence Sverige.

Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Telia are just a few of our previous clients, as well as American Express, Ford and Casio. Working together with these successful companies, acting as their extended arm to the customer, has since the beginning been the main objective of DD Invest – and something we continuously strive to achieve.

DD Invest and Influence Sverige specializes in brand awareness and trust marketing by engaging customers through strong, tailored collaborations, relationships that we build to last. Throughout the years, we have created a network of not only influencers, but co-workers that truly believe in our vision, generating a solid credibility to clients and their followers.

With our broad network, DD Invest offers a wide variety of marketers through established relationships, a greater range on social media, an increase of posts due to strong personal relationships and long-term collaborations.